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Give a Little, Help A Lot!

November marks the one year anniversary of Scott Benton's service as the executive director with the Grasslands Conservation Council of BC. During this time it has been gratifying to see so many people interested in the future of the grasslands and the work of the Grasslands Conservation Council.

We want to thank those of you who have supported the Grasslands Conservation Council through financial contributions, in kind and volunteer work. We are asking you today to consider making a further donation to support the education and outreach work of the council. These programs are fundamental to the future wellbeing of grasslands in our province.

The activities that threaten grasslands today are no different than those of 20 years ago. Conversion of grassland landscapes for other purposes like industry, residential development and alternate forms of agriculture continue to permanently remove grasslands from the landscape. Invasive plants continue to spread and can permanently replace native plants if left unchecked. Inappropriate recreation activities continue to go unmanaged and unregulated.

The societal response to these threats is often the same; there are grasslands elsewhere, it won't matter here or we can restore it later. We know that once natural grasslands are significantly disturbed, the chances of them recovering or being restored with native species are very low. With your help we can ensure that the value of grasslands is recognized before they are lost forever.

BC's Grasslands cover less than 1% of the provinces land area and current estimates are that over 20 % of the historical range of grasslands in BC have been lost. Education and outreach are the key to address societal indifference to the loss of this valuable resource.

Please consider making a donation to the education and outreach programs. 

You can contribute on line through Canada Helps at or by mailing a cheque to:

Grasslands Conservation Council of BC, PO Box 3341, Kamloops British Columbia, V2C 6B9.

Grasslands Forever

The Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia (BC Grasslands) is dedicated to the stewardship and conservation of the rare and beautiful grasslands of our province.

Working to build a better understanding of grasslands and to provide methods and tools to better care for them, we pursue a vision of healthy and life-sustaining grasslands in BC for current and future generations.

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