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CurlewThe Grasslands Conservation Council of British Columbia (GCC) is a strategic alliance of organizations and individuals that was established as a society in August 1999, and then as a registered charity in December 2001. The diverse group of individuals and organizations that contribute to the GCC includes:

  • Government officials
  • Range management specialists
  • Ranchers
  • Grasslands agrologists and ecologists
  • First Nations
  • Environmental groups and
  • Grassland recreationists and enthusiasts.

The members of the GCC all share a deep commitment to the conservation and stewardship of the grasslands in our province.

How are the grasslands of BC being threatened?

The long-term sustainability of the grasslands are currently being threatened by increased pressures in areas such as:

  • Urban expansion
  • Subdivision and development
  • Abusive recreation
  • Invasive weeds
  • Forest encroachment; and
  • Inappropriate land management practices.

The majority of the grasslands in Canada have already been lost, but British Columbians still have the chance to protect and conserve our valuable grasslands heritage. Please help the GCC ensure that our grasslands last forever.

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