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Help Us Save Our Endangered Grasslands

The GCC relies on its membership base to keep our programs running, our board and staff accountable and our profile high.

The GCC is a membership-based organization. Our Board of Directors is directly elected by members at the Annual General Meeting. Each member – regardless of the size of their contribution – has one vote, meaning that each member influences the governance and direction of our organization.

The broader and more diverse our membership base is, the louder, stronger and more influential our voice can be with the foundations, corporations and governments who are our partners in saving special places.
Membership fees provide support for the GCC's operations, which is critical to our ability to efficiently and effectively achieve our goals.

As a GCC member, you will play a critical role in all of our work.

Download our membership form, or make secure donations online through, a not-for-profit organization that facilitates online donations through a secure site. When you make a tax deductible donation for as little as $30 you will become an individual member of the GCC. As a corporation, you will become a member with a gift of $250.

The Directors of the GCC have approved a number of changes to the membership structure to provide more options to members. The number of membership categories has gone from two to six. Beginning on January 1, 2011, memberships will be on a calendar year.

Thank you for joining us in our vital work for BC's grasslands.