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Learn about Grasslands

Researchers, grasslands enthusiasts, students and other interested parties can find up-to-date information on grasslands in BC and around the world at the following pages:

Grasslands in BC: information on BC's eight grassland regions.

Grasslands of the World: a global prospective on grasslands.

Grassland Issues: information on the threats to our grasslands.

Managing Grasslands: a comprehensive resource for grassland management in British Columbia.

Grasslands National Park Reserve: information on the creation of a new national park reserve.


Welcome to "Understanding Grasslands", an educational site full of useful information on BC's grassland ecosystems and the species that inhabit them.

If you want to learn more about grasslands and where they can be found in BC and around the world, please visit Grasslands of BC. Here you will learn about the ecological importance of these highly complex, endangered ecosystems.

To learn about the components of grassland ecosystems, including plants, animals, and soil, visit Grasslands Ecosystems. You will find information on the biotic and abiotic elements of grasslands, as well as other factors such as climate and natural disturbance. There is also information on ecosystem processes such as energy flow and water cycling.

If you are looking for information on grassland habitats and the species that rely on them, visit Grasslands Communities and Habitats. Here you can find examples of different habitats and profiles of some of the plants and animals that form grassland communities.

Information on some of the threatened and endangered species that rely on BC's grasslands can be found in the Species at Risk Resource Room. Profiles and photographs of various mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians, plants, and bryophytes and lichens are located here.

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