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Grassland Reading List

The GCC's website was designed to provide site-users with a simple and comprehensive overview of grassland ecosystems and their importance to the ecology, economy and identity of British Columbia. If you are seeking more specific or in-depth information, there are a number of other sources of information, such as those below.

For further reading on international subjects, please go to the Grasslands of the World.

Articles and Reports On-Line:

"Toward a Strategy for the Conservation and Protection of the World’s Temperate Grasslands," by Bill Henwood, Great Plains Research 20 (Spring 2010)

Welcome to the West: A Guide for People Moving to the Northern Rockies

While an American booklet, it has much information of interest to people considering settling in the grasslands of BC.

Potential of Grasslands for Climate Change Mitigation: The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Submission to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) (2009)

New Directions for the Prairie Economy: Connecting Conservation and Rural Development in the Northern Great Plains, by C. Freese, D. Montanye, K. Dabrowska, WWF (2009)

Krannitz, P.G. (2008) Response of Antelope Bitterbrush Shrubsteppe to Variation in Livestock Grazing, Western North American Naturalist 68(2).

Thinking BiGG - farming families tell their stories of biodiversity, Graze and Grain, Australia (2008)

Challenging Cheatgrass, RMRScience, USDA Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station (April 2008)

"Plant functional traits and soil carbon sequestration in contrasting biomes," by G.B. De Deyn, J.H.C. Cornelissen and R.D. Bardgett, Ecology Letters, 11: 516-531 (2008)

Cariboo?Chilcotin Grassland Restoration Plan, prepared by F.M. Steele, K.L. MacKenzie, O.A. Steen, B.A. Blackwell, and A. Needoba, and R.W. Gray (November 2007)

"Composition and function of biological soil crust communities ...", J. Marsh, S. Nouvet, P. Sanborn, and D. Coxson, Canadian Journal of Botany, 84: 717-7326 (2006)

Gayton, D. (2004) Native and nonnative species in grazed grasslands of British Columbia's Southern Interior. Journal of Ecosystems and Management 5(1): 51-59.

  • vol5_no1_art6.pdf

Gayton, D. (2003) British Columbia Grasslands: Monitoring Vegetation Change. FORREX Series 7. 49 pages.

Leupin, E. E., AND Low, D. J. (2001) Burrowing Owl reintroduction efforts in the Thompson-Nicola region of British Columbia. Journal of Raptor Research 35: 392-398.

Rare Native Vascular Plants of the Southern Okanagan Grasslands - Field Report. 

Articles and Books in Print

Defoliation: Response of Bluebunch Wheatgrass and Crested Wheatgrass. Cindy L. Meays, Laliberte, Doescher. Rangelands 22 (6).

Grass: The Stockman's Crop. Harland E. Dietz Booklet from Sunshine Unlimited, Inc. Lindsborg, Kansas.

Grassland: The History, Biology, Politics and Promise of the American Prairie. Richard Manning. Penguin (Non-Classics), July 1, 1997.

Grassland Ecology and Classification Symposium Proceedings. June 1982. Eds. A. McLean and T.E. Fisher, Ministry of Forests Province of British Columbia, Kamloops B.C.

The Grasslands of British Columbia. April 2004. Brian and Sandra Wikeem, Grassland Conservation Council of BC.