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The Current Issue

Celebrating the GCC's 10th Annivesary. Our Partners and Friends share stories on working for grasslands conservation.

Themes of recent Issues

Grasslands of The World

Stewardship Success Stories Change Climate, Changing Grasslands?



Spirit in the Grass:
The Cariboo-Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscape

By Chris Harris

with Ordell Steen, Kristi Iverson & Harold Rhenisch
Grasslands Conservation Council of BC

Grassland Portfolio: Thompson Basin Ecosection

Green Bylaws Toolkit

Best Management Practices:

Motorized RecreationThis handy booklet highlights the importance of grasslands while offering easy-to-follow suggestions for riding with care in them.

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Best Management Practices:

Recreational Activity This document was developed as a tool to promote collaboration and a stewardship ethic amongst recreationists.
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Ecological Area Assessment:

AberdeenPrepared for the City of Kamloops, the assessment provides scientific rationale for identifying environmentally sensitive areas of part of the Aberdeen area of town.
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Ecological Area Assessment:

Lac du Bois GrasslandsPrepared for the City of Kamloops, the assessment provides scientific rationale for identifying environmentally sensitive areas.
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Grassland Monitoring Manual for BCThe Monitoring Manual:

Provides easy and useful ways to measure change on your grasslands, so you can address problems early.
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Grasslands of British Columbia Report:

Descriptions of BC's grasslands by ecosystems and ecoregions. by B. Wikeem and S. Wikeem.
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Mitigating Fragmentation & DevelopmentSections:

1 and 2 of the Problem Analysis and Strategic Plan for BC's grasslands
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ORVs: Final Recommendations in BCSolutions for a Sustainable Future:

Final Recommendations for Registration, Licensing and Management of Off-Road Vehicles in British Columbia, December 2005, from the Coalition for Licensing & Registration of ORVs in BC
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The Value of BC's Grasslands:

Exploring InitiativeGrasslands benefit local communties and regional and global processes in numerous ways. Here, we begin to explore how these values can be measured. By Sara Wilson (2009).

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