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The Grasslands Conservation Council (GCC) is the only organization in BC whose programs are focused solely on the conservation and stewardship of the province's grasslands. The three main program branches of the GCC are:

  • Education and Outreach
  • Grassland Stewardship and Sustainable Ranching
  • Conservation of Grasslands

Each of these three programs contains a diverse range of strategies and activities that address different aspects of our organization's overall mission. All the programs shares the ultimate goal of bringing all the stakeholders to the table to generate innovative ways in which the grasslands can be used sustainably by all the citizens of British Columbia.

1. Education and Outreach

  • BC Grasslands Magazine
  • BC Grasslands Display
  • Annual Symposium/Workshop
  • Grasslands Public Service Announcements
  • Spirit in the Grass: The Cariboo-Chilcotin's Forgotten Landscapes by Chris Harris

2. Grassland Stewardship and Sustainable Ranching

  • Planning for Change Initiative
  • Grassland Monitoring Manual for BC: A Tool for Ranchers
  • Mitigating Fragmentation and Development of BC's Grasslands:
  • Problem Analysis and Strategic Plan
  • Off Road Vehicle Coalition
  • Best Management Practices for Recreational Activities

3. Conservation of Grasslands

  • Priority Grasslands Initiative
  • BC Grasslands Mapping Project: A Conservation Risk Assessment
  • The Grasslands of BC