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ChurnCrk-KIversonPriority Grasslands Initiative

The Priority Grasslands Initiative is a collaborative effort to identify grasslands of high ecological value in each region of BC. By providing a scientific basis for planning and decision making in these areas, the initiative helps to ensure there is no more of BC's high priority grasslands are lost.

The initiative builds on the grasslands Geographical Information System (GIS) completed through the BC Grasslands Mapping Project. Using the GIS grassland layer in conjunction with a variety of provincial inventory data and the expertise of regional committees, the project identifies high value, priority grassland conservation areas in each of the major regions across BC. Values identified include species at risk, ranching and forage, and First Nations heritage.

Based on the land status and tenure of identified areas, the GCC is producing a collection of regional priority grassland strategy documents that will include stewardship recommendations for private, Crown and First Nations lands, supported by maps, data and other information. The first of these documents, the Grassland Portfolio: Thompson Basin Ecosection, is available.

The findinds of the Priority Grasslands Intiative also underscore two Ecological Area Assessments that the GCC conducted in partnership with the City of Kamloops. Such projects scientifically assess areas for the ecological importance of their grasslands and associated ecosystems. The two assessments are:

In addition to reaching planners and decision makers, extension will also focus on the general public, with detailed maps and information available on the GCC website as well as the BC Grasslands Atlas on the Community Mapping Network.and the provincial government's Land and Resource Data Warehouse.

For more information on this initiative, please contact the GCC at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .