WHAT WE DO :: Education & Outreach

unveilingceremonyEducation & Outreach

The GCC believes that the key to promoting grassland stewardship and achieving grassland sustainability over the long term is to develop and deliver a well-integrated education program with a strong outreach component.

Outreach is the process of educating people and organization, and assisting them in applying that information and knowledge to day-to-day activities. Outreach is best defined by:

  • bringing together the required people, knowledge, and other resources to achieve desired goals;
  • facilitating the flow and dissemination of information;
  • encouraging organizations, groups, and individuals to work on problems and develop new opportunities;
  • offering specific ideas for change through demonstration; and
  • informing planning and decision making processes.

The GCC and its partners have a number of ongoing education and outreach projects to ensure there are a variety of ways for the people of BC to access information about the council and its programs.