cowPublic Service Announcements (PSAs)

The GCC calf and curlew bring powerful messages about threats that the grasslands of BC face in a series of short animated videos.

The curlew represents species at risk in grassland regions, while the calf is a representative of the ranching industry and the role it plays in British Columbia.

To view the PSAs click the links below. You may have to download for free QuickTime 7 to view them.

  • PSA 1 - Fragmentation and Development
  • PSA 2 - Invasive Plants

Further information on Fragmentation and Development can be found at

  • The GCC webpage Grassland Issues
  • BC Grasslands magazine: Fragmentation and Development of BC Grasslands
  • BC Grasslands magazine: Subdivision and Development - Grasslands Under Siege, Part 2

Further information on Invasive Plants can be found at

  • The GCC webpage Invasive Plant Resources
  • BC Grasslands magazine: The Weed Invasion - Grasslands Under Siege, Part 1

The GCC thanks the generous support of the major funders of our PSAs:

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