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orv-final-recommendations_coverOFF-ROAD VEHICLE REGISTRATION DELAYED

After seven years of hard work by the Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off-Road Vehicles (ORVs), the British Columbia government announced in 2009 it will implement expanded regulations for all ORVs. The GCC has been working with the government to make this legislation a reality. In 2012, the legislation was delayed. There is no clear timeline as to when the changes to ORV use in BC will take effect.

British Columbia has been the only place in North America to have no legislation in place regarding ORVs and one of the few provinces in Canada with no management strategy for and no plan in place to regulate the sport. On November 10, 2009, the BC government announced that rules for ORV registration and licensing, helmet use, youth safety and environmental measures will be implemented over the next two years under a new ORV management framework

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Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off Road Vehicles 2002-2009

The Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off-Road Vehicles provided the impetus for the BC Government's decision to move forward with legislative change. It was a broad-based alliance of motorized recreation interests: conservation organizations, industry and government industries. It had a very clear mandate: to achieve provincial licensing and registration of ORVs that includes a management strategy for ORVs in British Columbia.

The coalition worked collaboratively on these issues, beginning in 2002. In 2006, it released its recommendations, Solutions for a Sustainable Future: Final Recommendations for Registration, Licensing and Management of Off-Road Vehicles in BC, to the provincial government for consideration as the foundation of ORV legislation in BC.


To address the need for improved management of all off-road vehicles in BC, the GCC teamed up with the following groups :

  • Quad Riders Association of British Columbia
  • Federation of British Columbia Naturalists
  • British Columbia Snowmobile Federation
  • Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society – BC
  • British Columbia Cattlemen’s Association
  • Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association
  • Outdoor Recreation Council of British Columbia
  • TrailsBC
  • Okanagan Trail Riders Association
  • Pacific North West Motorcycle Association


Key provincial government agencies also agreed to participate in the Coalition in an advisory capacity. There is active participation from:

  • Ministry of Forest
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries
  • Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management
  • Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection

The Coalition’s mandate was to achieve provincial licensing and registration of ORVs and improved management of all off-road vehicles in British Columbia. It is the Coalition's intent to:

  • Work closely to secure support from MLAs, Ministers and other grassland user-groups;
  • Work with a consultant who will produce a document that will assist government in developing an off-road vehicle management strategy, including legislation and various delivery mechanisms for licensing and registration of off-road vehicles in BC; and to
  • Help to implement an off road vehicle strategy for the province


The GCC and the ORV Coalition worked proactively to inform government and other interest groups about the impacts of Off Road Vehicle (ORVs) and the urgent need to put in place an effective management system, including licensing and registration, so people can be held accountable when they use their off road vehicles in closed areas or in a manner that damages the environment. The GCC and its partners believed that if better planning and management are combined with an effective education process, the province of BC can achieve environmentally responsibly legislation that concern the use of off-road vehicles.

The Coalition was committed to educating the general public and has been interviewed on CBC Radio on two separate occasions as part of their outreach program.

  • For a transcript of the first interview with MLA Bill Bennett and Bev Felske (ATV/BC) about the Coalition for Licensing and Registration of Off Road Vehicles on BC Almanac, May 15 2003, click here.
  • For a transcript of the second interview on BC Almanac October 15, 2003 regarding habitat loss in the Kootenays, click here.