The first phase of the Fragmentation and Development campaign, included a stakeholder workshop, held on May 18th and 19th, 2004 in Kamloops, BC. Approximately 40 representatives from different organizations and agencies attended the "Shaping the Future" workshop in Kamloops, B.C. The purpose of the workshop was to bring select individuals with expertise in grassland issues together to identify and prioritize the issues contributing to grassland fragmentation and to outline a range of potential solutions for addressing these issues. The workshop included stakeholders from a variety of perspectives including conservation organizations, the ranching sector, First Nations, federal, provincial and local governments, academics and the real estate sector.

To gain insight into the underlying issues leading to the fragmentation and development of grasslands, workshop participants have been asked to consider the following themes:

  • Viability and Sustainability of Ranching
  • Sustainable Grassland Use (Non-ranching)
  • Sustainable Local and Regional Land Use Planning
  • Governance

A description of the broad issues and trends was provided for each theme along with a set of questions to help guide the discussion. The following documents are available in PDF format:

A sincere thankyou to the following project funded partners: